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Tres Coaching Services™ offers Speaking services that are designed to build upon our professional coaching services and education/training programs. Our Speaking services are delivered through a variety of platforms including Webinars, seminars and workshops, trade shows, business conferences and networking groups. Current Spotlight Member of the Speaker Coop.

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Our Speaker content focuses primarily on business, professional development, planning & leadership topics that are top-of-mind for most business leaders and include, but are not limited to, the following:

Topic 1 – Let’s Stop Talking About Goals

According to an ancient Chinese proverb, “The best goal is no goal at all”. Goal-setting can be a waste of time unless it leads to results.  Discover YOUR Formula for Success, and learn how to balance priorities and achieve more than you ever dreamed possible.

Topic 2 – Leadership Is Not a Birthright …

Leadership is not a birthright, it’s a rite of passage that must be earned. One of the greatest challenges our country faces today is a lack of leadership. Leadership needs to change along with our role as leaders in the decisions that ultimately affect our future.

Topic 3 – Who Wants Customers for Life?

It’s all about growing your business by the numbers. Improve your “success rate” and generate more business in any economy. Discover five powerful ways to dramatically increase revenues, profits and the Lifetime Value (LTV) of your client relationships.

Topic 4 – Marketing Your Greatest Asset – YOU

It is widely held that most successful entrepreneurs have a total of seven different income sources. Discover how to create multiple income streams and prepare your business for a brighter future in the global digital economy with this 21st Century marketing approach.

Topic 5 – If It Sounds Like Crap …

If it sounds like crap … don’t put it in your mouth! Our words and our actions have the power to help or harm, so let them be used for good. Make R*E*S*P*E*C*T* an integral part of your daily self-improvement program.

Topic 6 – Globalization: The Leadership Challenge

Globalization is becoming a business imperative for survival and growth. Learn how you can manage the complexity and challenges of a rapidly evolving global society, and take a more active leadership role in shaping the future.

Topic 7 – The Power of 14 Words

What was your defining moment? Each of us has the capacity to change, to grow and accomplish great things despite our circumstances, or the obstacles in our path. Take charge of your life and eliminate the barriers that are holding you back today.

Topic 8 – How to Market Like the “Big Boys”

Marketing strategies and tactics that you can start to implement today to grow your small business regardless of the size of your budget. Many of these ideas can be implemented with little or no cash outlay required.

Topic 9 – Are You Speaking to Me?

Are you making meaningful connections or just “spraying and praying”? Learn how to more effectively position your business and value proposition, and tailor your message to make a powerful connection with the target audience.

Topic 10 – How to Sell From the Rear

“You have a less than 10% chance of winning our business.” How would you respond if this was the customer’s response to your proposal? A ‘battle-tested’ approach that will distinguish your business from the competition, and improve your odds of winning.