Who needs Coaching?

The short answer is “we all do”, particularly if accelerating your business success is a key priority! Working with an experienced business coach is an ideal way to acquire valuable knowledge and insight, while meeting your short- and long-term goals, and transforming your business.

Tres Coaching Services™ recognizes that a “one size fits all” approach does not work when dealing with the complexity and business requirements that are unique to every client. So, after the initial Discovery Session we work closely with each client to enable them implement the planned actions required to deliver exceptional results.

Our Coaching services can help accelerate your business success in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • Clarify your business vision and purpose.
  • Develop business and go-to-market plans.
  • Brainstorm new projects or products/services.
  • Accelerate market growth and expansion.
  • Establish the company’s staffing plans.
  • Improve operational effectiveness.
  • Maximize ROI performance and results.

Special Offer

We’re serious when we say we want to help clients “achieve the results to move beyond their vision”. That’s why we are providing a Special Coaching Offer to help you get started to dramatically improve the growth, profitability and performance of your business.

SPECIAL OFFER … 90-Day Coaching Program includes:

  1. An initial Discovery Session.
  2. Comprehensive Business Assessment Consultation (BAC).
  3. Private Coaching Sessions – Two 2-Hour Sessions/Per Month.
  4. Summary of follow-up/action plans, and complete dates.
  5. Limited email and telephone access between coaching sessions.

TOTAL SAVINGS = $1,629!!!

In addition, Tres Coaching Services™ provides more extensive Private Coaching services that may be required for both short- and longer-term initiatives.

Private Coaching

Private Coaching is perfect for clients who want to address their going-forward business plans at a more in-depth level. Many of these clients’ are focused on broader strategic initiatives such as go-to-market planning, business expansion and growth, joint ventures and partnerships, etc. Our Private Coaching services include:

  • An initial Discovery Session to determine the specific requirements and gain agreement on the next steps.
  • An extensive Business Assessment Consultation(BAC) to identify the key opportunities, risks, challenges, and areas for improvement.
  • Regularly scheduled 2-hour coaching sessions (1 or 2 per month).
  • Summary of follow-up/action plans, timeframes and deliverables required to address the client’s unique business needs.
  • Homework assignments, accountability exercises and supplemental reading to keep you focused and moving forward.
  • Email and telephone access between coaching sessions.

Contact us for pricing information and to learn how our Professional Coaching services can help you “Get the results to move beyond your vision”.