Professional Coaching

Tres Coaching Services™ recognizes that a “one size fits all” approach does not work when dealing with the complexity and business requirements that are unique to every client. So, after our initial Discovery meeting we work closely with the client to complete a thorough business assessment and identify the major business opportunities, risks and challenges, and critical areas for improvement.

We then design a comprehensive professional coaching plan tailored to the client’s specific business needs, and work directly with you and your staff members to implement the specific plans, programs and actions required. Our coaching services address critical areas such as business plan development and strategy, sales and go-to-market planning, joint ventures and partnerships, and business performance improvement.

Our professional coaching/consulting services are available to clients on a project basis, or as a fully outsourced service.

Tres Coaching Services™ offers three separate and distinctive professional coaching options — Private Coaching, Business Leaders Forum℠ and Brainstorming Session. Each of these coaching services options are designed to address both short-term projects and long-term strategic initiatives.

Private Coaching

Tres Coaching Services™ offers private coaching sessions to clients for both short-term projects, and for 12-month or longer engagements. Our private coaching includes:

  • The initial Discovery session to determine the specific requirements and gain agreement to the next steps.
  • An extensive Business Assessment Consultation(BAC) to identify the key business opportunities, risks, challenges, and areas for improvement and growth.
  • Development of detailed action plans, priorities, timeframes and deliverables required to address the client’s unique business needs.
  • Regularly scheduled 2-hour coaching sessions (1, 2 or more per month).
  • Email and telephone access between coaching sessions.


Business Leaders Forum℠

The Business Leaders Forum℠ (BLF) is a comprehensive strategic mastermind program established for serious entrepreneurs, business owners and business leaders committed to life-long learning, personal development and growth, and the relentless pursuit of excellence in all areas of their lives. The ELITE Business Leaders Forum℠ group membership includes:

  • A 3-hour “Group Workshop” monthly with experts in sales, marketing, business planning, social media and professional development.
  • Extensive self-study, Accountability Partner and peer group exercises.
  • FREE Lifetime Access to my online course, Discover YOUR Formula for Success.
  • Peer-to-peer group & Subject Matter Expert (SME) interaction and feedback.
  • Email and telephone access between BLF monthly meetings.
  • Access to the BLF Members Only sites on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Brainstorming Session

Our brainstorming session format is designed to facilitate the strategy development and planning work on projects or initiatives that may require additional resources or specialized expertise to complete, such as go-to-market planning, new product launches, business start-up, exit planning, etc.. The session format typically includes:

  • An initial business assessment to help us define the business opportunity, project requirements, and scope of work.
  • One or two 4-hour coaching/consulting session(s).
  • An audio recording of the meeting.
  • A report of all actionable targets identified during the session.
  • Email and telephone access for 30 days after completion of the session(s).

Contact us to learn how our Professional Coaching services can help you “achieve the results to move beyond your vision”.